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FredQuest Genealogy is devoted to identifying our ancestors, sharing their stories and meeting distant cousins.

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Ireland Counties: Carlow, Fermanagh, Kerry, & County Tipperary 
United States Connecticut (Windham Co.); Massachusetts (Hampden & Hampshire Co.); Missouri (Kansas City); Ohio (Conneaut & Barnesville); Nebraska (York Co.); New York (Chautauqua Co., Cattaraugus Co.; Staten Island); Pennsylvania (Allegheny Co., Beaver, Cambria Co., Chester Co., Erie, Lilly, McKean Co., Turtle Creek); Vermont (Windham Co., Windsor Co.); Virginia (Loudoun Co.)

Carolyn Fred Moseley (2014) Carolyn Fred Moseley (2014) Memorial
Carolyn Elizabeth
Fred Moseley
(17 Nov 1928 - 3 Oct 2017)

Carolyn Fred Moseley (2014)

Carolyn Elizabeth Fred Moseley Fred Children Pileup

Kenny Funeral Homes Obituaries
FindaGrave Entry
FredQuest Entry

Carolyn Fred Moseley (2014) Carolyn Fred Moseley (2014) Memorial
John Bourinot Moseley
(13 Aug 1927 - 1 Dec 2017)

Carolyn Fred Moseley (2014)

The "Database" is the heart of the website and list the birth, immigration, marriage, death, and burials (dates & places) for over 4000 ancestors. "Biographies" tells the story behind our ancestors by prominent surnames and family groups. These stories vary from short sketches to more detailed biographies following a surname back several generations.  The biography or surname pages  link to appropriate ancestral charts, photo galleries, cemetery info and even some related postcard images which can also be accessed directly. "Charts"  graphically trace prominent descendant lines and "Photo Galleries" show available images. "Cemeteries" provide partial transcripts and photos for related cemeteries and is only intended to focus on ancestors listed in the database.  If you're interested in a listed cemetery but don't see your surname of interest, I recommend checking the FindaGrave website.  You should be able to access these sections from any page by using the navigation bar at the top.  The postcard image galleries are an exception and can be found a FredQuest Postcards.

As a rule, the website should not include any living persons except for the rare instance where they asked to be placed on it without dates & places.

Several past website visitors have graciously provided information and photos. These new cousins are acknowledged along with the information provided.

While we have some interest in all of the names in the database, they are not all blood relations.  They include some research for connections by marriage (parents, siblings, etc.) and in a few cases may include all the family groups of a particular surname in a narrow geographical area when we were not sure of an ancestor's lineage but knew where they lived.  

Inquiries, comments and corrections are welcomed.

Walt Fred