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Vincent Bodine Signature
Vincent Bodine
(1854 Signature)

Sarah Bodine Signature Sarah M Bodine
(1854 Signature)

Jacob Bodine
Jacob Bodine
(Chicago Studio)

Willard Brothers
Willard & Jacob Bodine
"Bodine Brothers"

Peter La Forge Signature Signature of Peter La Forge
(Widower of
Maria Jane Bodine)
(1901 Signature)

Maggie Bodine Signature Signature of
Maggie Jamieson Bodine
(Widow of
George Henry Bodine)
(1892 Signature)

Sadie Bodine Sarah Bodine


Vincent Bodine (1817-1854) was born on 26 Oct 1817 at Staten Island, New York.  He was the son of Vincent (1766-1833) and Elizabeth Brotherton Bodine (1777-1866). Vincent Bodine married Sarah Magdelene Jorolemon (1820-1873, daughter of Richard and Maria) on 21 Jan 1840 in Staten Island and can be found afterwards in nearby Elizabeth Port, Essex Co., New Jersey. Vincent was a Steam Boat Captain and died at the young age of 36 (cause unknown).  He's buried at Trinity Chapel at Staten Island. Vincent & Sarah had five children before Sarah was left as a a 34 year old widow in 1854.  It appears to have been a tough time for Sarah and her children

Mary Elizabeth (1841-1926) was born in 1841 in Elizabeth Port, Essex Co., New Jersey. She was 13 years old when her father died and can be found in the 1860 U.S. Census as a 19 year old "School Teacher" in Elizabeth Port.  She likely followed her mother out to Lee County, Illinois because she married Thomas C. Tagg (1838-1919) in Lee Center.  Thomas Coultas Tagg was a Civil War Veteran who had enlisted in the 44th Wisconsin Infantry near the end of the War. He and his new bride appear to have moved back to Wisconsin for a short time before heading to Nebraska where they homesteaded a piece of property near Waco, York Co., Nebraska and later ran a grain business and operated a silo in Waco, Nebraska.  Thomas & Mary had five known children (Harry Eugene; Jennie Bodine; Arthur Willard; George Athol; & William).  Thomas died in 1919 and Mary in 1926. Both are buried in Waco Cemetery.

Maria Jane (ca 1843-1874) married Peter La Forge Jr (1843-1904) on 8 Feb 1866 at St Paul's Church in Lee Center, Lee Co., Illinois. This was on the same day and in the same church where her sister Mary Elizabeth was married. Like her sister, she married a Civil War Veteran. Peter La Forge was born in Port Richmond, Staten Island, New York and must have moved west prior to the War. He enlisted in the 13th Illinois Volunteer Infantry where he served three years. During the war Peter "contracted asthma while on march back from lookout mountain Georgia." His asthma would plague him the rest of his life and was the reason for the family moving west, eventually to the high altitude of Nevada County, California.   Peter and Maria had four children (George C.; Robert; Vincent and Effie).  The first three of which were born in Illinois and the last in Nevada (likely Carson City).  Maria died in Carson City, Ormsby Co., Nevada in 1874 at the young age of 31.  Her youngest child (Effie) was left without a parent when only a couple months old.  She can be found in 1880, listed as "adopted child" at "private school" in household on Z.N. and Hattie E. Goldsby. All three of Effie's brothers entered the railroad business with Vincent, a 25 year old conductor, dyeing in a head-on collision when a switch for the tracks was left open.  Peter and all of his children settled down in the Reno & Wadsworth area of Nevada before Peter moved up into the California Sierra Mountains in the 1890s and eventually homesteading on Mount Diablo, El Dorado Co, California.  Peter had tried his hand at several occupations including laborer, carpenter, machinist, and running several businesses (Carpentry & Building company; Pacific Wood & Lumber Co., and rocky Run Ice Company). Peter died in 1904 in Wadsworth, Nevada and is buried at the Wadsworth Cemetery.

Willard Henry (1846-1874) was born on New Years Day in 1846.  At the age of 16 he enlisted as a musician in the 14th New Jersey Volunteer Infantry where he served three years during the Civil War.  After the war, Willard married Margaret F. Jamieson (1846-1922) and had three children (Willard H., Arthur, & Sarah F).  Willard was working as a Fireman when he died in a "Railroad Accident" at the age of 28.  Margaret and her children must have lived a tough life.  The children can in and out of orphanages and Margaret was described as "very poor as well as sick" in 1892.  Willard (Jr) became a Conductor on a Steam Railroad in New Jersey, Arthur a Moulder in a foundry in Orange Co., New York and "Sadie" grew up in a Shaker community in New Lebanon, Columbia Co., New York.  She moved to Springfield MA where she was a dressmaker, then to Austin TX as a "home nurse," and finally to New Haven CT where she died at the age of 94 and is buried in the Evergreen Cemetery in New Haven. 

George P. (1848-   ) appears to have died young.  He's listed in the 1850 census but not in his father probate records.

Jacob (1854-1938) was born six months before his father's death. He appears to have been taken in by extended relatives, Jacob & Harriet Bodine who moved west to Evanston, Cook Co., Illinois.  Jacob married Ida Ella Studlhy (1852-1898) in 1877 and had three children (Carrie, Vincent & Harriet).  Jacob started out as a farmer but later can be seen as an agent or manager in the coal Business. A few years after Ida's death, Jacob married Johanna Reiterman (1873-1953).  Jacob died on 27 Sep 1938 and is buried at Oakwood Cemetery in Northfield Township, Cook Co., Illinois.

Caroline (1850-   ) was born on 17 Dec 1850 but little is known of her life.  She is captured in the 1880 Census as "Carrie" Tate as a servant in a Lincoln County, Nebraska household.  The census lists "G" in the Widowed / Divorced column.  Carrie has one child, Jessie who was born in Waco, York Co., Nebraska.  Nothing is known of  her husband or her after 1880.  Her daughter ended up in New Haven, Connecticut as a dance teacher and keeping a lodging house. 

Sarah Jorolemon Bodine married Sabin Hatch Trowbridge on 15 Dec 1862 and moved to Lee Center, Lee Co., Illinois where she died in 1873 and is buried Woodside Cemetery, Amboy, Lee Co., Illinois.

The Bodine ancestry have their origin in the family "le Boudin" or "de Baudain" who settled in Cambray, France as early as 1126.   "Jean Bodine, of the Cambray family, is said to have removed to Medis, in the province of Saintonge, France, where his son Jean was born in 1645.  He was doubtless a Huguenot, and left the country of his nativity to find an asylum in other lands, and it is thought that he made a short stay in Holland as well as in England, before coming to New York."  This Bodine family history is well chronicled in the Annals of the Sinnott, Rogers, Coffin, Corlies, Reeves, Bodine and Allied Families by Mary Elizabeth Sinnott (J.B. Lippincott Co., Philadelphia : 1905).1


(1) Sinnott, Mary Elizabeth, Annals of the Sinnott, Rogers, Coffin, Corlies, Reeves, Bodine and Allied Families, J.B. Lippincott Co. (Philadelphia : 1905), page 153


Vincent Bodine (1818-1854) Last Will & Testament and Inventory

Location of Staten Island Cemetery & Trinity Chapel Yard (abandoned Staten Island Cemeteries)

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  • 1810-1930 Censuses

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