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Descriptions and links to our family photo galleries are listed below.  Use the photo hyperlinks to navigate to the specific galleries. These Galleries are divided into the following primary surname sections.  Use the list to navigate down to that section.

Fred Galleries

Walter Barnes Fred SeniorFred Family Photos

(primarily Bergen Co. NJ and Barnesville OH)

Loose photos from three generations of Fred Families: (1) Joseph Thomas & Isabelle Barnes Fred; (2) Walter Barnes & Nellie Montgomery Fred; (3) Walter Barnes (Jr) & Helen Ashley Fred and their children.

W.B. Fred Jr Photo Album ThumbnailWalter Barnes Fred Jr. Photo Album

(New York City, Old Tappan NJ, Winchester Center CT, Barnesville OH)

Walter Barnes FRED Jr's (1899-1960) pre-marriage (1925) photo album. Most of the photos appear to of been taken in or around the New York City metropolitan area (e.g., New York City, Old Tappan NJ). Some shots were also taken in Litchfield Co. CT and in Maryland.

Ashley Galleries

Ashley Photos ThumbnailAshley Children Photos ThumbnailAshley Family Photos

(primarily New York City, Winchester Center CT)

Loose photos focused on the Ashley family who lived in New York City, Syracuse NE and West Springfield MA. William David Ashley was a descendant of Robert Ashley who died in 1682 one was one of the early settlers of Springfield MA. William David Ashley left Hamden County MA and settled near Syracuse, Otoe Co. NE in 1867. His son Dr. Dexter David Ashley had a thriving orthopedic practice in New York City and later retired to the Ashley Farm in Winchester Center, Litchfield Co. CT. These photos are divided into two galleries. The first is focused on Dr Dexter David Ashley & Jennie Tagg Ashley in their early years and includes Dr Ashley's father, his brother Homer and sister Elizabeth Jane Ashley Nichols. The second gallery focuses on their children and their later years.

Carpenter Photo Album Thumbnail Carpenter - Ashley Photo Album

(Windham Co. VT)

Believed to be the photo album of Adeline Dunn Carpenter Ashley.  Most of the photos are likely of her Carpenter relations.   These photos were graciously made available for photographing by her great granddaughter Carolyn Fred Moseley.

Montgomery Galleries

Montgomery Photo ThumbnailMontgomery Family Photos

(primarily Baltimore MD, Kansas City MO)

A few photos centered around James A. Montgomery & Laura Sturgeon.   Photos include their children (Nellie Rose Montgomery Fred, Flora May Montgomery Rittler, Harry Sturgeon Montgomery and Laurence Montgomery), brother Samuel Montgomery and their Richmond cousins (grandchildren of Samuel White Richmond & Eliza Jane Montgomery. The Montgomeries and Richmonds immigrated and settled in Baltimore, Maryland.  Some of their Montgomery descendants migrated to Kansas City MO, New Orleans LA and Portland OR. 

McManus Galleries

Cecilia McManus Photo Album ThumbnailCecilia McManus Photo Album

(primarily Erie PA and Esopus NY)

Originally Cecilia McManus' (1860-1928, Erie PA) photo album with later photos added by Alice Nutting McManus (1880-1949, Erie PA).  These appear to date from just after the Civil War to about 1910.  The earlier photos are of Cecilia, her parents, John McManus (1832-1897) & Angeline McManus (1837-1912) and her siblings, nieces & nephews. Other surnames include Connaroe and Gordon. Photographs provided courtesy of Mary Ann McManus Runser.

Eugene Joseph McManusMcManus Loose Photos

(Erie Co. PA)

Loose photographs of the children & descendants of John & Angeline Connaroe McManus family of Erie Pennsylvania.   These loose photographs are divided into three internal galleries. Older photographs of John & Angeline Connaroe McManus' family were kept in a photo album whose images can be found in the Cecilia McManus Photo Album.

McManus Gathering Photo TumbnailMcManus Gathering (ca 1911)

(Erie PA)

McMANUS Family Gathering in Erie Pennsylvania (circa 1911).  The core group appears to be the children and grandchildren of John & Angeline CONAROE McMANUS.  Two closely timed photos are included. Also included is a marked-up photograph attempting to identify participants. Original photographs provided courtesy of Mary Ann McMANUS RUNSER.

McManus Collage ThumbnailMcManus Photo Collage

(primiarily Erie Co. PA)

Collage of McMANUS ancestor photos presented to Mary Ann McMANUS RUNSER.

Fitzgerald Galleries

Fitzgerald Gallery ThumbnailFitzgerald Family Photos

(Allegheny & Beaver Co. PA)

Descendants of Thomas & Mary Healey Fitzgerald who immigrated from Ireland to Canada (ca 1862) and then the United States a few years later, settling in Western Pennsylvania. The collection inclues photos of Thomas & Mary Healey Fitzgerald and several photos of their children and grandchildren.  His son Thomas M. Fitzgerald moved to Beaver County where he was a successful florist and his son Edward Lawrence Fitzgerald made his home in Erie County Pennsylvania.

Tagg Galleries

Tagg Gallery ThumbnailTagg Family Photos

(York Co. NE)

A few photos of  Thomas Coultas Tagg and his family.  Thomas C. Tagg was born in Grantham England and emigrated to the United States in 1843.  After his Civil War service, he took up farming in Portland, Dodge Co. WI and the Lee Centre, Lee Co. IL.  He later became a grain merchant in Waco, York Co. NE.  

Bodine Galleries

Bodine Gallery ThumbnailBodine Family Photos

(Chicago NE, Elizabethtown NJ)

A few photos of  Elizabeth Bodine and her siblings.  Elizabeth Bodine was born in Port Elizabeth NJ in 1839.  She was the daughter of Vincent Bodine and Mary  Joroleman.  She married Thomas C. Tagg in Lee Centre IL in 1866.

Toohey Galleries

Toohey Family Photos

(Erie Co. PA)

Toohey Family Photos ThumbnailLoose photographs of James & Mary Moore Toohey's family.  James Toohey emigrated from Ireland in 1870.  He lived and his family lived in Conneaut Ohio before moving to Erie Pennsylvania.

Go to Toohey Red ScrapbookSarah Toohey's Photo Album

(Erie Co. PA)

Photos collected by Sarah Toohey.  Most of them are either wedding photos of her nieces and nephews (John & Beradena Niederhofer Toohey's &; James Asa & Anna Nuber Toohey's children) or World War I photos (likely from her brothers Joseph & William).  No captions were included.

William Toohey WWI ThumbnaiWilliam Toohey WWI Photos

(Camp Lee VA)

Photos center around William L. Toohey during the activation of his unit (313 Machine Gun Battalion) at Camp Lee, Virginia   The 313th Machine Gun Battalion was composed mostly of men from Erie, Pennsylvania and was part of the 80 Infantry Division who's major operations in World War I included, the First Battle of the Somme, Meuse-Argonne, and the Battle of Saint-Mihiel.

Conville Galleries

Patrick & Catherine Conville ThumbnailConville Family Photos (Patrick & Catherine Killinger Conville)

(Turtle Creek PA, Lilly PA, Huntington Beach CA, Detroit MI)

Photos are of some of the children of Patrick & Catherine Killinger Conville.  Patrick Conville emigrated from Ireland with his parents (William & Mary Conville) in 1874 and settled in Cambria Co., Pennsylvania.  Patrick & Catherine Conville later moved to Turtle Creek, Pennsylvania; Detroit, Michigan and finally Los Angeles Co., California.

Eugene & Sophia McTamany ThumbnailPrice Photos ThumbnailConville Family Photos (Owen & Sophia McTamany Conville)

(Lilly PA, Pitcairn PA, Wilmerding PA)

Owen Conville is also the son of William & Mary Conville and emigrated from Ireland (1882) almost a decade after his parents and brother Patrick Conville.  This photo collection was provided courtesy of Gerald Price and has loosely been divided into two galleries.  The first centers upon Sophica McTamany and her children's family and the later on her daughter Margaret Elizabeth Conville Price's family (esp., son Donald Patric k Price).  Gerald Price is the great-grandson of Owen & Sophia McTamany Conville.

Connaroe Galleries

Connaroe Gallery ThumbnailConnaroe / Conroe Family Photos

(Erie Co. PA, Chautauqua Co. NY)

A few photos of  Connaroe / Conroe family of Erie County, Pennsylvania and Chautauqua County, New York.  George & Eliza Skinner Connaroe moved from Chautauqua County to Erie County before 1850.

Harned & Swalley Galleries

Harned Family Photos ThumbnailHarned Photos

(Erie Co. PA)

A few photos of  Frank O. & Margaret McManus Harned and some of his siblings (Carl & Mearl) in Erie and Crawford County Pennsylvania.

Swalley Album ThumbnailSwalley & Grace Photo Collection

(Erie Co. PA; St Paul MN; Green IA)

Photo's appear to of been collected by Ella GRACE SWALLEY.  They can be divided into two sections.  The older section centers around her siblings (children of Patrick & Mary SPIRES GRACE) in Erie PA, St Paul MN and Greene IA.  The later section centers around her husband William SWALLEY and their children and grandchildren.

Mountain Galleries

Mountain Family Photos ThumbnailMountain Family Photos

(Heidelberg PA)

A few photos of Francis Mountain and family at Heidelberg Pennsylvania provided courtesy of Kathy MacGregor.  Francis was the son of Joseph H. & Lucinda Mountain and was born at sea during their emigration from Germany in 1834.

Collections of Unknown Photos

Unidentified Photos Collection ThumbnailUnidentified Photos (McManus, Toohey, Connaroe, Harned & Swalley)

(primarily Erie Co. PA)

Unidentified photos associated with the McManus, Toohey, Connaroe, Harned & Swalley families with connections in Erie Pennsylvania.  These photos were found loose next to these family photo collections.  Follow the link to see several galleries displayed as a wall of photos rather than a slideshow format.  The photos were divided into galleries based on known studio locations, type of photo or similar looks.

Please let me know if you recognize any of these misplaced relations.

Likely family groups:

- John & Angeline CONAROE McMANUS
- Eugene J. McMANUS, Margaret TOOHEY McMANUS, & Grace SMITH McMANUS
- James & Mary MOORE TOOHEY
- William & Ella GRACE SWALLEY
- Willard & Lucinda WYKOFF HARNED