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Margaret Elizabeth Toohey McManus
Margaret Elizabeth
Toohey McManus

John & Bernadena Toohey
Bernadena Niederhofer Toohey

Margaret Elizabeth Toohey McManus
Margaret Elizabeth Toohey McManus

St Mary Church
St. Mary Church
Conneaut OH

Toohey Family Photo
James & Mary Moore Toohey Family (circa 1893)
back row: Sarah A., John P., ???
middle row: Mary, James, Margaret E.
three children in front: William L., Joseph M., James A.


James Toohey (1846-1902) is likely the son of Patrick & Catherine "Kate" Toohey of Nenagh, County Tipperary, Ireland. Kate and at least three children (Sarah, Jeremiah, Patrick) immigrated to the United States circa 1870. The first sighting in the United States is in the 1870 U.S. Census where Catherine is captured living with her son Jeremiah (Jerry) in Erie, Erie Co., Pennsylvania. The 1872 Erie City Directory lists Catherine as a widow and still living with her son Jerry. Another son, Patrick is residing next door. Jeremiah and Patrick were stonemasons and likely moved to follow the major construction projects. About 1878 Jerry & and Patrick appear to leave Erie and mother Kate moves to Conneaut, Ashtabula Co., Ohio to live with her son James Toohey. Patrick (Sr) has not yet been found in any records in the U.S. records.

Sarah Toohey (1837-1907) was born in Ireland and married Thomas Mahar (ca 1840- ) in Conneaut, Ashtabula Co., Ohio in 1882 where they can also be found in the 1900 U.S. Census and where she died in 1907. There were no known children. Sarah could possibly have be previously married since her marriage record lists her as Sarah Carey. This is almost certainly the sister, Sarah Maher, listed in Jeremiah Toohey's 1894 obituary as living in Conneaut. Their niece Elizabeth Toohey can also be found living with Thomas & Sarah in Conneaut in 1900.

Jeremiah Toohey (1842-1894) was also born in Ireland and married Sarah Dunne in Nenagh on 21 Jan 1864. Jeremiah was a respected and successful stonemason and building contractor. He's responsible for the construction of several buildings including St Patrick's Church in Belfast, Allegany Co., New York. Nine of their eleven children are known: Patrick J. (1864-1912), Kate (1866- ), James (1868- ), Honora (ca 1873- ), Mary (1875- ), Jeremiah (1878-1953), Hannah (1880- ), John (1882- ), Agnes (1885- ). The birthplaces were evenly split between Ireland, Pennsylvania and New York. Jeremiah passed away in 1894. His wife and children are still residing on Union Street, Olean, Cattaraugus Co., New York in 1900.

James Toohey (1846-1902) appears to have quickly migrated to Conneaut, Ashtabula Co., Ohio where he married Mary Moore (1853-1917) on 30 Jan 1871. In 1880 James is a laborer on the railroad and his family now includes two daughters (Mary C. & Sarah) and a son (John Patrick). James' mother Kate is also living with his family. Mary Moore Toohey was the daughter of Asa and Mary Sharkey Moore. Asa Moore (1805-1881) was born in Vermont and must have met and married Mary Sharkey (1818-1887) in Ashtabula Co., Ohio. Mary Sharkey was born in Ireland and was recorded living in Conneaut and as one of the "Women of the Western Reserve before 1840."

James and Mary Toohey moved to Erie City, Erie, Pennsylvania and purchased their family home on 948 16th Street in Dec 1894. In 1900, James is still working with the railroad (flagman) and their family includes all seven surviving children (Sarah, Margaret, John, James, Joseph, Jerry, and William). James (Sr) died in 1902 at age of 56. Mary lived another 15 years and died in Erie in 1917. Both are buried in Trinity Cemetery.

James and Mary Toohey's children were all born in Conneaut:

1) Mary C. Toohey (1874-bef 1900) likely died before their move to Erie.

2) John Patrick Toohey (1876-1954) married Bernadena (Tena) Niederhofer (1889-1929) and worked as blacksmith at a foundry.

3) Sarah Ann (Sadie) Toohey (1878-1972) remained unmarried and lived in the 16th Street family home the rest of her life.

4) Margaret Elizabeth (Maggie) Toohey (1881-1920) married Eugene McManus (1881-1936) and bore four children. In 1920, Maggie fell victim to the influenza epidemic while taking care of sick family members. Within two years, influenza was to take her youngest son, William as well.

5) James Asa Toohey (1885-1944) married Anna Nuber (1887-1936) and raised seven children. James labored most of his life in a mechanical shop.

6) Joseph M. Toohey (1846-1929) married Catherine Szosorek (1891- ) and had two daughters (Catherine M. & Margaret R.). Before World War I, Joseph worked as a teamster. During the war, he severed in the Quartermaster Corps and after the war we find him as a Club Chef in Erie. Joseph passed away at the young age of 40.

7) William Leo Toohey (1894-1974) served with the 313th Machine Gun Battalion during World War I. He was wounded and is believed to have suffered the after effects of being gassed the rest of his life. He remained unmarried and lived in the 16th Street home with his sister Sarah.

8) The youngest child, Jeremiah Leo Toohey (1894-1918) married Mary Yeager (ca 1897- ). Jerry died during the influenza epidemic of 1918 leaving his widow with two young children. The youngest child and his namesake, Jeremiah was born five months after his death.

Patrick Toohey (Jr): Little is known of Patrick and he appears to have passed away before 1894 leaving at least two children: Joseph Patrick (1874-1941) & Elizabeth "Lizzie" (1876-1967). Patrick hasn't been found in the 1870 U.S. Census but was listed as a mason in the 1872 Erie, Pennsylvania Directory living next door to his brother Jerry & mother Catherine. Patrick may also have been the stone mason captured in the 1880 U.S. Census in Hornellsville, Steuben Co., New York with wife Kate & children Mary, Joseph & Lizzie. Joseph & Lizzie can be found living with aunts & uncles as young adults. Nothing is known of an older daughter Mary.


313 Machine Gun Battallion, Co C, Squad
313 Machine Gun B.N.
William Toohey's World War I Unit

Main Street, Conneaut OH Postcard
Main Street (looking east)
Conneaut OH