Vincent Bodine (1817-1854)

Elizabeth Port, Essex Co., New Jersey
Richmond Co. (Staten Island), New York

Vincent Bodine and his ancestors lived in Staten Island NY.  As a young adult, Vincent moved to nearby Elizabeth Port, NJ where he worked, and eventually captained, a steamboat.

While Vincent Bodine's genealogy is documented back generations, the FredQuest database currently does not include these entries.

            ┌─ Jean BODINE (1645-c1708)
            │  Esther BRIDON
         ┌─ Francois BODINE (c1691-c1737)
         │  Maria DEY
      ┌─ Vincent BODINE (c1727-   )
      │  Anne DYE (1732-   )
   ┌─ Vincent BODINE (1766-1833)
   │  Elizabeth BROTHERTON (1777-1866)
┌─ Capt. Vincent BODINE (1817-1854)
│  Sarah Magdalene JOROLEMON (1820-1873)
Mary Elizabeth BODINE TAGG(1841-1926)