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Moore Family


John Moore (ca 1750-1834) was born in Connecticut in 1750 but nothing is known of his parents or ancestry.  John married a Prudence sometime before the Revolutionary War and they were living in Woodstock, Windham Co., Connecticut in 1775.  Immediately after the Battles of Lexington & Concord the Continental Army was formed and set up a siege on British Forces in Boston.  John Moore joined that siege when he enlisted into the 22nd Continental Infantry (Connecticut) as a Corporal at Roxbury, Suffolk Co., Massachusetts.  During his initial one year tour of duty, John also participated in the Battle of Long Island and several other skirmishes.  John was mustered out of the 22nd Connecticut Infantry in Jan 1777.  That year he reenlisted in the Continental Army but this time in the Continental Teamsters for three years.  During that time he freighted goods from Boston & Medford, Massachusetts to West Point, New York and vicinity.  After the war, John returned to Woodstock, Windham Co., Connecticut but joined a number of local families who moved up to Windsor County, Vermont where he kept residence the rest of his life.   John took up farming in Reading, Windsor Co., Vermont in 1780.  He appears to have lived briefly in nearby Bridgewater and Hartland before settling in Windsor, Windsor Co., Vermont (now West Windsor).  The later years of his life were spent in nearby Pomfret, Windsor Co., Vermont.  Prudence died on 20 Apr 1829 and John a few years later on 17 Aug 1834.  Both are buried at the Walker-Jaquith Cemetery in South Pomfret, Windsor Co., Vermont. 

John and Prudence had thirteen children of which one son is yet to be identified1.  The first two children (Asa & John) were born in Connecticut and the remaining in Windsor County, Vermont.  Little is known of the lives of most of his children.

Asa (ca 1777-after 1854) was born in Connecticut (likely Windham County).  He married Selah (a.k.a. Celia) Cady (1781-1873) on 4 Dec 1799 in Reading, Windsor Co., Vermont.  Selah parents were Nedebiah (1750-  ) & Mary Buck Cady (1760-1798).  Selah and her Cady ancestors are well documented in  Descendants of Nicholas Cady of Watertown, Massachusetts 1645-1910 by Orrin Peer Allen, Press of C.B. Fiske (Palmer MA : 1910). 

"Nedabiah Cady went to Reading, Vt, in 1779 to clear some land in the new township, and brought his bride there the next year from Killingly, Conn." His kinsman, Baraciah Cady, had settled in the same town in 1777 as one of the two pioneers, and in a short time quite a number of Cady families from Killingly [Windham Co., CT] had settled in Reading and Windsor. He served in the Revolutionary war, 1781, in Capt Samuel S. Savage's Company"

After their marriage, Asa & Selah took up farming in [West] Windsor, Windsor Co., Vermont and had four known children:

John (1801-1852) was born on 11 Jan 1801 at Windsor, Windham Co., Vermont and married Olive Pratt (1801-   ) the daughter of Benjamin & Olive Pratt.  John & Olive spend their married lives farming in Windsor County.  They had two known children: Alexander (ca 1827-1860) who married Mary Azuba Bishop (   - 1908) and Lewis (1829-1858). John and his two children are buried at Burns Cemetery, Pomfret, Windsor Co., Vermont.

Asa (1805-1881) was born on 5 Jul 1805 in Windsor, Windsor Co., Vermont.  Asa appears to have left home before 1830 and likely went west to Ohio.  Possibly with his Mother's sisters families who moved to Ohio.  Asa married Mary Sharkey (1818-1887) circa 1842.  Mary Sharkey Moore and her sister Bridget Sharkey Olson were both born in Ireland but are listed as arriving in Conneaut, Ashtabula Co., Ohio in 1822 & 1824 (respectively) by Genealogical data relating to the Women in the Western Reserve before 1840 (manuscript, Western Reserve Society, Cleveland OH).  Asa worked as a laborer & farmer in Conneaut the rest of his life.  Asa & Mary had four known children: James Moore (1844-   ); John B. Moore (1844-1911), born Newbury, Geauga Co., Ohio, married Bridget Calahan (1846-1916) circa 1877 in Conneaut; Catherine Moore (ca 1848-1993); Mary Moore (1853-1917), married James Toohey (1846-1902) & moved to Erie PA shortly before 1900; and Margaret (1855-   ).  Asa died on 7 Aug 1881 and his wife Mary six years later of 22 Jun 1887.  Both are buried at the Conneaut Cemetery.  Their son John & family are buried at St Joseph Cemetery in Conneaut and daughter Mary & family at Trinity Cemetery in Erie, Pennsylvania.

Patty (1807-  ) was born on 18 Mar 1807 at Windsor, Windham Co., Vermont.  Nothing further is know of Patty.  She appears to be included in her father's enumeration in the 1820 U.S. Census but not in the 1830 Census.  No record of her marriage could be found in Pomfret or the surrounding towns. 

Almond (1810-1896) was born on 12 Mar 1810 in Windsor, Windham Co., Vermont and married Almira Chamberlin (1800-   ) in 30 Jan 1831 at Pomfret, Windsor Co., Vermont.  Their only known child, Alonzo C. (1837-1913) was born in Granville, Addison Co., Vermont.  Alonzo married Mary Ann Merrill (1842-1906) circa 1858.  Almira Moore appears to have passed away between 1870 & 1880.  Almond married Sarah Lucus (ca 1830-1906) on 29 May 1880 at Pomfret.  Almond was 50 years old when they married and their are no known children. Almond appears to have mostly remained in Windsor County and can be found in Pomfret, Windsor, Stockridge (as a Butcher), and Barnard.  Almond died on 7 Aug 1896 in Barnard and is buried in Pomfret, Vermont.

Later in life, Asa & Selah move to nearby Pomfret, Vermont where Asa died circa 1853 and and Selah Moore on 29 Oct 1873.  Affidavits within Asa's father's pension file, describe Asa as a man of good character.

John (ca 1779-1857) was born in Connecticut but his birth year varies between 1777 & 1781 (Woodstock CT) depending on the source. Little is known of John, despite being referenced in his father's military pension and in several land deeds referencing his father and siblings.  John appears to have lived a rough life as a farmer in Windsor Co., Vermont (Windsor, Bridgewater, & Barnard).  The 1820 census would lead you to believe he was married with children but nothing is known of them.  John died in Barnard, Vermont on 15 Dec 1857. 

Lucy (ca 1781-1855) married John Person (1778-1862) in Windsor, Windsor Co., Vermont on 14 Apr 1801.  At the time of their marriage, Lucy resided in Windsor and John was from nearby Reading, Windsor Co., Vermont.  They remained in [West] Windsor as farmers and had two known children (Lucy & Mary).  Lucy died in 1855 in West Windsor and John on 19 May 1862.  Both are buried in Sheddsville Cemetery.

William & Henry:  Only reference found was in a 1854 Power of Attorney given to his sister Naomi Moore Lewis in regards to claims against their father's Revolutionary War Pension.  The Power of Attorney appears to list all his surviving children.  Both William & Henry do not show in Windsor County records and likely moved away as young adults.

Peleg is mentioned in a 1813 Windsor, Windsor Co., Vermont land deed between John & Joel which discuss the previous disposition of their father's farm (the original deed stipulated the required access & care of their parents John & Prudence).  This 1813 deed includes a payment to Peleg Moore but does not identify his relationship.  Peleg had married Sarah Keith a year earlier in Windsor.  Peleg & Sarah Moore moved to nearby Hartland, Windsor Co., Vermont where he can later be found in the 1830 U.S. Census.  He is not mentioned in the 1854 Power of Attorney and he likely died beforehand.

Joel B. was living in Bridgewater, Windsor Co., Vermont when he married Naomi Burnham on 22 Mar 1818 in nearby Pomfret. Joel B. Moore was also referenced in the 1854 Power of Attorney and also likely moved away from Windsor County after his marriage.

Sabina (ca 1788-1791) & Sibbel (ca 1789-1791):  Sibbel died at the age of two on 25 Jul 1791 in Woodstock, Windsor Co., Vermont.  Her sister Sabina was a year older and died the following day.  Their cause of death is unknown.  Both children are buried at the Walker-Jaquith Cemetery in South Woodstock, Windsor Co., Vermont.

Polly (1792-after 1860) was born on 30 Jun 1792 and married Luther Robinson (1792-1882) before 1817.  Luther (and likely Polly) were from Bridgewater, Windsor Co., Vermont.   Luther & Polly moved to Granville, Addison Co., Vermont in 1833 where they appear to have resided until there deaths. Luther died in 1882 and Polly sometime beforehand (between 1860-1870).  Luther & Polly Moore Robinson are referenced in The History of Windsor County Vermont (Old Families of Rochester):

Robinson, Eleazer came from Connecticut to Bridgewater Vt.  He was a Revolutionary soldier and married Mary Backus Their children were Nathaniel, died in Bridgewater; Luther, died young; Horatio, died in Bridgewater; Luther; Lucy, died single; and Eunice (deceased), married Sylvanus Pratt. Eleazer died in November, 1821.

Robinson, Luther, son of Eleazer, was born in Bridgewater and went to Granville to live in 1833, where he died October 17, 1882. He married Polly Moore, who was born June 30, 1792. They had four children viz.; Luther; Mary (deceased), married Benjamin Cady; Eliza, wife of Aaron Bagley, resides in Granville; and Lucy, wife of Oren Sabin of Hill, N.H.

Robinson, Luther. son of Luther, was born in Parker Gore now the town of Little Sherburne, Vt., December 2, 1817 and married September 27 1841, Marcia Briggs, who was born in Plymouth, Vt., May 17 1819. They had two children, Albert N., born in Granville, September 4 1843, married Mrs. Ellen Abbott, nee Ford, and had four children, Alice, Eugene, Clinton, and Sarah, and resides in Rochester; Joseph O., born in Granville, August 24, 1845, married October 31, 1867, --- Ford, and they have one child, Fred J., born in Rochester July 21, 1871. Mr. Robinson since 1867 has been a resident of Rochester, and in that year bought of Mr. Ralph the saw-mill situated at West Rochester. He employs eight hands and manufactures 700,000 of clapboards and 400,000 feet of coarse lumber.

Aldrich, Lewis Cass & Frank R. Holmes (editors), History of Windsor County Vermont, D. Mason & Co., Publishers (Syracuse N.Y. : 1891), page 974

Sabrina Moore (ca 1794-1839) married Jacob Cushman (ca 1792-1870) on 13 Jan 1819 at Windsor, Windsor Co., Vermont.  Jacob & Sabrina moved to Worcester, Washington Co., Vermont where they farmed the land.  For a time, Jacob was elected to represent Worchester in the Vermont State Legislation. Jacob & Sabrina had four known children:

Jacob (1821-1825), died young

 Henry A. (ca 1823-   ) was born in Vermont and moved to Wisconsin and then Iowa with his father.  Henry married Esther M. Clarke in Rock Co., Iowa on 15 Jan 1851.  Henry and Esther had six known children (Charlotte S.; Evaline S.; Chester T.; Jacob; Frank A.; Effie M.; & Ralph C.).  Esther died on 28 Jan 1892 and is buried in Newell, Buena Vista Co., Iowa.  Henry was still living in Newell in 1900.

Sarah Eveline (ca 1826-1858) was born in Vermont and moved to Wisconsin with her father.  She married George Rex Fryer in 1848.  George and Sarah had six known children: Elizabeth J. (ca 1849-   ), married Even Jones in 1866 and lived in Mt Vernon, Dale Co., Wisconsin; Charolette (1850-1919), married Carl Hankel;  M.L. (ca 1854-   ); Henrietta A. (1855-   ), married Warren W. Pierce; Thomas J. (ca 1856-   ); and Georgiann (ca 1857-   ).  Sarah Eveline Fryer died at the age of 32 on 13 Feb 1858 at Blue Mounds, Dane Co., Wisconsin.  George Rex Fryer married Silva Rebecca Powell  (ca 1833, England -    ) on 28 Sep 1858 in Dane Co., Wisconsin.  George and Silva Fryer had nine children (Eliza; Louisa; Ellen; Minnie C.; May M.; George Christian; Rose L.; Sylvia R.; & Julia Etta).  This brings the count up to 15 children for George Fryer who died on 12 Jan 1890 at Blue Mound, Dane Co., Wisconsin.

John Calvin (ca 1834-1917) was born in Vermont and moved to Wisconsin and then Iowa with is father. John worked as a carpenter and married Sarah E. circa 1857 in Iowa.  John and Sarah had three known children (Charles H.; Carrie W.; & Adaliza E.).  Later in live, John moved to San Jose, Santa Clara Co., California.  He died on 28 Mar 1917 in Alameda Co., California. 

Sabrina died a horrible death on 5 May 1839.  She had swallowed a crust a bread with a sharp edge that cut the passage to her stomach that caused her to starve to death.  Her son Calvin later described her as having light auburn hair & blue eyes and as one of the sweetest, patient tempered women.2

Jacob Cushman married Lucy Robbins (1794-1859) in Worchester, Vermont and they moved to Wisconsin where Lucy died in 1859.  There are no known children of Jacob & Lucy.  Jacob's daughter Sarah married and remained in Wisconsin while Jacob and his son's Henry & John migrated west to Iowa.   

Naomi (1795-1864) was born on 25 Oct 1795 in [West] Windsor, Windsor Co., Vermont.  She married Hiram Lewis (1790-1872) on 25 Oct 1818 and farmed the last in West Windsor the rest of their lives.  Naomi died on 28 Oct 1864 and Hiram on 25 Sep 1872 in West Windsor.  They are both buried there at Sheddsville Cemetery. 

While almost all of John & Prudence Moore's children have been identified, little is known of their lives and nothing is known of John or Prudence's parents or ancestors.


(1) John Moore references six sons in his 1829 affidavit found in his Revolutionary War Pension File.

"I have four sons besides Asa & John, but they are poor, and unable to afford me support. I am now and have been ever since the death of my wife in April last, wholly dependent upon the charity of my daughters for support"

(2) Extracted from a letter from Calvin J. Cushman (her son) to his niece Elizabeth J. Fryer. Provided courtesy of Eileen Burton (great-great-granddaughter of Sarah Eveline Cushman).