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James A. Montgomery Killed

 Former Engineer Run Down by a Motor Car in Baltimore

Word was received in Kansas City yesterday, of the death in Baltimore December 22 of James A. Montgomery, former chief engineer for the water department at the Turkey Creek Pumping Station. He was run down and killed by a motor car which had just been stolen by its driver. Mr. Montgomery was widely known in Kansas City and was a member of Westport Masonic Lodge No. 340.

"Mr. Montgomery was one of the most reliable men ever in the employ of the water department," said W.G. Goodwin, chief engineer, last night. "He was thoroughly dependable, absolutely honest in all his dealings and a man of abstemious habits.

Kansas City Star, Kansas City MO
1 Jan 1919,  page 4

James Montgomery Struck by Fleeing Crook
Two Machines are Stolen

After Taking Car of William C. Lowndes Auto Jack Leaves it in Front of Suburban and, Tacking Car of the Proprietor, Speeds by Crossing, Fatally Injuring Victim, Who Had Just Alighted From a Street Car.

Leaving the automobile he had stolen in front of the Suburban Hotel on Park Heights avenue and jumping into the machine of Edward A. Powers, Proprietor of the place, an auto-jack, in an effort to make a hurried escape, knocked down and killed James Montgomery, 3622 Park Heights avenue, and later abandoned the car in Druid Hill Park. A city-wide search is being made by police in an effort to come up with the criminal, but at a late hour last night he had not been apprehended.

Mr Montgomery, who was 75 years old, had alighted from a street car at Park Heights and Violet avenues and was crossing the road to his home when struck by the machine, which was being driven at a rapid rate of speed. He was knocked unconscious. Picked up by pedestrians, he was carried into the office of Dr. Didenhover, 2843 Park Heights avenue, where he succumbed to his injuries half an hour later.

It was only a minute before he ran down and killed the man that the auto jack had stolen the car from in front of the Suburban Hotel. The automobile he had stolen in the afternoon, and which he had left standing in front of Suburban, belonged to William C. Lowndes Jr., 2004 Mount Royal Terrace. The car had been taken from Cathedral and Mulberry streets at 4:30 in the afternoon.

When the auto jack reached the Suburban Hotel he parked his car next to that of Mr. Powers. He went into the bar and had several drinks, and returning to the outside, jumped into Mr. Powers; car and started away. Fearing that he was being watched, the thief started down the road at a rapid rate of speed, and before he could get the machine under control he had struck Mr. Montgomery. Ho effort was made by the culprit to stop the car, but instead he put on more gas in an effort to make good his escape. The machine was found abandoned in Druid Hill Park several hours later.

Mr. Montgomery was returning from work when struck by the machine. The accident occurred almost directly in front of his home. He was well known in Baltimore and was prominent in Masonic circles. Mr. Montgomery is survived by a son and two daughters.

Baltimore American, Baltimore MD
22 Dec 1918, page 12