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Fred - Irish Quakers in PA

Extract From
"Immigration of Irish Quakers into Pennsylvania"
Albert Cook Myers (Swarthmore PA, 1901)

In Delaware County. Established in 1684.

John Fred and family, " late of Ireland," received 5 Mo. 13, 1713, dated 12 Mo. 25, 1712-13, from Carlow Meeting, County Carlow, Ireland. Children Nicholas and Rachel, are clear in a relation to marriage.

Benjamin Fred, son of John, late of Ireland, unmarried, received 5 Mo. 1713, dated 10 Mo. 21, 1712. He returned to Ireland on business in 1713, and remained perhaps a year. — Hist. Chester Co., p. 553.

John Fred, of Parish of Drumlane, County Cavan, was married 11 Mo. 6. 1685, at Belturbet to Catherine Starkey, of County Cavan. Children of John and Catharine Fred, of Drumlaine, County Cavan:  Benjamin, b. 9 Mo. 5, 1687; Mary, b. 8 Mo. 2, 1691, d. 11 Mo. 27, 1704, buried at New Garden; Nicholas, b. 1 Mo. 2, 1694; Abigail, b. 2 Mo. 4. 1696, buried 6 Mo. 28, 1697; Rachel, b. 5 Mo. 29, 1698; Sarah, b. 7 Mo. 15, 1700, at Coolattin [Cooladine]; John, b. 12 Mo. 20, 1703, at Coolattin.   — Records of Carlow Monthly Meeting.

In 1671, in County Armagh, John Fred had his goods seized by the "priest" of Loughall for tithes [Stockdale, 4]. William Edmundson [Journal, 280] states that in 1706 he came "to Enniscorphy [Enniscorthy] and the next Day went to John Fred's and had a large Meeting in a Barn, it being on first Day of the Week."

John Fred and his family settled in Birmingham, Chester County, where John died March, 1719-1720, and his widow in 1723.

 Catharine Fred, the widow, whose will was made 8 Mo. 23, 1723 (probated 9 Mo. 12, 1723), mentions her cousins Mary Hutton and Deborah Starr and her brother-in-law, Thomas Jackson.

Benjamin Fred, son of John, was m. 4 Mo. 20, 1721, to Deborah, daughter of Simon Hadly, of New Castle County, and removed to New Garden, where he died in 1752, leaving no children. His sister Rachel married 4 Mo. 20, 1721, James Miller, son of Gayen, of Kennett, and after his death married James Miller, son of James and Catharine.

Nicholas Fred, son of John, married about 1720, Ann, daughter of Joseph Need, of Darby. He lived in Birmingham and was interested in a mill there. Had children : Mary, John, Joseph, Catharine.

Joseph Fred was married 10 Mo. 18, 1753, to Sarah, daughter of Joshua Hadly, then of Virginia. He removed to the neighborhood of New Garden, and had children : Mary, Ann, Benjamin, Joseph, Joshua, Thomas, and Nicholas. — Futhey and Cope, Hist. Chester County, 553-4.

Albert Cook Myers, "Immigration of the Irish Quakers into Pennsylvania, 1682-1750 with their Early History in Ireland " (New Era Printing Co., Lancaster PA, 1902), pages 308-309


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