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Tarbert (1846)


 A small market town in the parish of Kilnaughten, barony of Iraghticonuor, county of Kerry, is 157 miles S.W. from Dublin, 63 N.N.W. from Cork, and 32 N.N.E. from Tralee; situated at the north western verge the county, on the southern bank of the lower Shannon, about thirty five miles below Limerick. Opposite to the town is a small island on the Shannon, which has a commodious road and harbour, where vessels bound for Limerick, or to sea, may find a safe shelter from tempestuous weather. On the island are a tower and battery to which is attached an establishment of engineers. Tarbert being the landing place for passengers from Dublin and Limerick to Tralee and Lakes of Killarney, and being situated on the high road from Limerick to the latter places, it enjoys some advantages from the visit of tourists and travellers, independent of which it is a place of but moderate trade. A variety of articles are imported from Limerick for the inhabitants of the town and neighbourhood and, corn, butter, pigs and other agricultural produce are exported to that city. A revenue station under the board of customs and one of the constabulary police are stationed here; and petty sessions for the district are held by the magistrates on alternate Tuesdays.

The parish church is a neat modem structure about quarter of a mile east of the town. The Roman Catholic chapel is a handsome cruciform building lately erected at the cost of £1,200. The Wesleyans have also chapel. The chartered school here was liberally endowed by the late Dr Leslie, bishop of Limerick; there is also a school under the national board of education. The town has the benefit of a dispensary, well supported and skillfully superintended. The market is on Thursday. Fairs, Jany 1st, Easter Mon, June 22nd, August 12th and Dec 11th. Population of Kilnaughten parish 5,102, inclusive of 1,024 inhabitants of the town.

POST OFFICE, Chapel street, John Creagh, Post Master. Letters from Dublin, Limerick &c. arrive every afternoon at three, and are despatched every morning at half past nine. Letters from Ballylongford &c. arrive every morning at nine, and are despatched every afternoon at three. Letters from Listowel arrive every morning at half past nine, and every evening at eight, and are despatched every morning at six, and afternoon at three. Letters from Tralee arrive every evening at eight, and are despatched every morning at six.

Ahana Pierce Leslie, Esq. Ahana House
Collis Stephen Edwd, Esq. Tieraclea
Creagh Mouktou, Esq. Tarmons
Elliott Alexander, Esq. Tarmons
Fitzgerald John Francis, Knight of Glyn, Glyn Castle
Fitzgerald Rev. Richard, Clare View
Fitzgerald Thos. Esq. Ballydonohue
Hamilton Mrs. Charlotte, Pound st
Hamilton Mr. John, Kilcolgin
Hamilton Mr. Joseph, Pound st
Hill Thomas G. Esq., Tarbert
Kennedy Mr. Michael, Pound st
Leslie Richard, Esq. Chapel st
Leslie Robert, Esq. (lord of the manor), Tarbert House
M'Carthy Rev. Daniel, Lislaughtin Abbey
M'Carthy Rev. Wm, Lislaugtin Abbey
Parker Frank V. Esq., Leslie Lodge
Parker Robt. Esq., Ordnance House
Paterson James D. Esq., Tarbert House
Sandes Rev. Fitzmaurice, Carhoonakilla
Sandes John, Esq. Pyrmont
Sandes Stephen Creagh, Esq. Pyrmont
Sandes Stephen Creagh, Esq Carrig
Sandes Thomas, Esq. Sallowglin
Sandes William, Esq. Sallowglin
Sandes William, Esq. Pyrmont
Sandes William Junior, Esq. J.P. Pyrmont

Endowed School, Shannon View -- William Goodwin, master
Infants School, Pound street -- Catherine Mason, teacher
National Schools, Chapel street -- Timothy Sheehan, master; Margt Sheehan, mistress
Wesleyan Mission School, Church st -- Thos Hollins, master

Hinde Richard, Church st
Fitzgerald John, Church st
Sandes Stephen, Creagh, Pyrmont

Allen Richard, Chapel st
Langan Margaret, Market square
M'Carthy Ellen, Market square

Fitzgerald Thomas, Ballydonohue
Sandes William, Pyrmont

Enright John, Chapel st
Finucane Thomas (and machine and engine maker), Chapel st
Walsh Edward, Chapel st
Walsh William, Pound st

Craven John, Pound st
Keily Edmund, Chapel st
Kinrane James, Church st
Lavery William, Pound st
O'Loughlin John, Church st
Young James, Church st
Young John, Pound st

Connor William, Chapel st
Flahaven Michael, Main st
Ginaw Patrick, Church st
O'Donnell Thomas, Church st
O'Donuell William, Chapel st
Sullivan James, Chapel st

Delane Michael, Chapel st
Enright Patk (& builder), Church st
Langan Thomas, Main st
Sullivan John Thomas (& builder), Chapel st

Hagerty John, Chapel st
Leslie Pierce, Chapel st
Spaight Francis (and iron and timber), Island road

Ahem William, Market square
Egan Charles, Chapel st
Langan Margaret (and spirit dealer), Market square
Quinlao Ann, Chapel street
Ryan Michael, Chapel st
Tobin John (and corn), Chapel st

Campbell Mary, Tarbert Island
Collins James, Chapel st
Egan Eugene, Tarbert Island
Gallagher John, Hotel, Market square
Harnett Maurice Daniel, Tarbert Hotel, Church st
Langatt Margaret, Market square
M'Mahon Margaret, Riverton
Murphy Patrick, Main st

M'Cormick William Ormshy (& tea dealer), Market square
O'Loughlin John, Market square

Carter Edmund, Church st
Carter George, Church st
Delane Michael, Chapel st

Enright Cornelius, M.D. Pound st
Kennedy William George, M.D. (and to the Dispensary), Main st

Quinn James, Pound st
Quinn Patrick ( & bleach office), Main st

Conway John, Chapel st
M'Carthy Michael, Pound st
M'Namara Thomas, Chapel st
Nanghton Thomas, Chapel st
O'Mealy Thomas, Church st

Sullivan John James, Chapel st
Sullivan John Thomas (and implement maker), Chapel st

Creagli John, agent to the Star Life Office, and sub distributer of stamps, Chapel St
Finueane Catherine, milliner, Chapel st
Harman Emnl. John, apothecary, Pound st
Hinchey Giles, saddler, Chapel st
Marshall William, nailer, Chapel st
Slack Francis, cooper, Chapel st
Wren & O'Neill, milliners, Church st

PLACES OF WORSHIP (And their Ministers)
Parish Church
, Shannon View -- Rev. Edward Denny, rector, Listowel; Rev. Richard Fitzgerald, vicar, Clare View; William Goodwin, clerk, Shannon View
Roman Catholic Chapel
, Chapel st -- Rev. Daniel McCarthy, parish priest, Lisloughtin Abbey; Reverend William M'Carthy, curate, Lisloughtin Abbey
Westleyan Methodist Chapel
, Church street -- ministers various

Bridewell, Store road -- Robert Harman, keeper
City of Dublin Steam Packet Company's Office, Tarbert Island -- Simon Cusack, agent
Coast Guard Station, Tarbert Island -- Maurice O'Connell, R.N. commander
Dispensary -- William George Kennedy, M.D. and surgeon, Main street; attendance, Tuesdays and Fridays, from nine until two
Fort, Tarbet Island -- John Harris, master gunner
Light House, Tarbert Rock -- John Moore, keeper
Stamp Office, Chappel st -- John Creagh, sub-distributer

To Limerick, a Car, from Langan's, Market square, every morning at nine
To Listowell, a Car, upon the arrival of the Steamer at Tarbert Island, daily
To Tralee, a Mail Car, from M'Carthy's, Market square, every morning, at six -- and a Car, from Gallagher's, Market square, every morning at half-past five.

To Kilrush, a Packet (from Limerick), every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday in the winter, and daily in summer; calling at Tarbert Island
To Limerick, a Packet (from Kilrush), every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, in winter, and daily in summer, calling at Tarbert Island


Source: I. Slater's National Commercial Directory of Ireland, I. Slater (late Pigot & Co.), Fountain-Street, Manchester & Fleet-Street, London, 1846), pages 313-314