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Angeline & mother Elizabeth Skinner Connaroe

Angeline Connaroe McManus
(right) likely with mother
Eliza Skinner Connaroe

Mr & Mrs W.H. Conroe

Mr. & Mrs. W.H. Conroe" (William H. & Gertrude Conroe)

Alfred & Albert Connaroe
Alfred & Albert Connaroe

ME Church, Girard PA
M.E. Church

Girard PA

First ME Church, Erie PA
First Methodist Church (2005)

Erie PA

Connaroe / Conroe

The first confirmed sighting of George W. and Elizabeth (Eliza) V. Skinner Connaroe (Conroe) was in Girard, Erie Co. Pennsylvania during the 1850 census enumeration. At that time George W. Connaroe (1815-1875) was working as “Wagon Maker” and his family had grown to include his wife Elizabeth (circa 1813-1897) and five known children (Angeline, George Henry, William H. and the twins, Albert Charles and Alfred C. Connaroe). George continued to work with wood and was listed as a “Carriage Maker” in 1860 and a “Carpenter” in 1870. Throughout their lives, both George and his Elizabeth were devoted members of the Methodist Episcopal Church. You can find two of Elizabeth’s (Mrs. G.W. Conroe) recipes in the 1885 First M.E. Church Cookbook (Erie, PA). Toward the end of George’s life he worked as the janitor at the church. After his death in 1875, Elizabeth lived on 19th Street in Erie and worked as a seamstress. Both George and Elizabeth are buried in Erie Cemetery, Erie Pennsylvania.

The spelling of this family’s surname has been seen to vary between Connaroe, Conaroe, Connarow, Conro and Conroe. Even the obituaries and death records for George and Elizabeth vary their spellings. The records trail for each of George and Eliza’s children appear to be consistent but even they vary between each (e.g. William) used “Conroe” while the rest used a Connaroe variation.

Elizabeth Skinner Connaroe was the daughter of Augustus & Nancy Skinner. Augustus (b. circa 1795, Massachusetts) can be found in 1850 as a “Mason” in Girard, Erie Co., Pennsylvania. His family then moved to Berlin, Ionia Co. Michigan where he did a little farming. It appears Augustus passed away prior to 1870 where Nancy can be found living with her daughter Eliza’s family in Erie, Erie Co. Pennsylvania. Nancy passed away in 1875 and is buried in Erie Cemetery.

The early lives of George and Elizabeth Skinner Connaroe remain somewhat a mystery. Their eldest daughter Angeline was born in 1837 in Cattaraugus Co., New York with some sources indicating she hailed from Chautauqua Co., New York. Sources consistently identify George Connaroe’s birthplace as New York State. Only one 1840 household could be found for a George Connaroe (various spellings) in New York. The “George Conrow” household in Chautauqua Co., New York included both a male and female between 20-30 years old. It also included one female under 5 years old. This is likely George, Elizabeth and their oldest child Angeline.

George and Elizabeth Connaroe children appeared to have remained in the Erie and Chautauqua County area. Angeline (1837-1912) married John McManus (wheelwright and postmaster) and lived in Belle Valley outside Erie. They are both buried in Trinity Cemetery. George Henry (c 1840-bef 1900) married Mary Jane (Jennie) Canfield in Cleveland, Cuyahoga Co., Ohio. "Henry" transitioned from being a painter to a brakeman with the railroad and died sometime before the 1900 Census. His wife Mary Jane can be found in Cleveland from 1900 until her death in 1922. George "Henry" likely died at a young age and may be the George Conroe who died in 1872 and is buried in Erie Cemetery. William H. Connaroe (1845- ) married Gertrude (1845- ) in circa 1869. They settled down in Harbor Creek, Erie Co. PA and then moved to nearby Ellicott, Chautauqua Co. New York. After working as a painter, William became a “cabinet maker” and later worked in a “marble works.” The two youngest known children are the twins, Albert Charles (1847-1897) and Alfred C. (1847-1903). Albert, also know as “Charles,” started out as a painter and is also seen as a “paper hanger” and general laborer. Charles' whereabouts are unknown during the late 1870s and early 1880s. Towards the end of his life, he lived with his mother in Erie City and appears to have died unmarried at his sister Angeline's home only seven months after his mother’s death. His twin brother Alfred also started out as a painter in Erie. After marrying Mary Schnieder in circa 1871 they moved out to Venango, Erie Co. to do a little farming. He moved back to Erie as a carpenter in circa 1881 where he remained until after his wife Mary's death in 1895. He appears to have moved to Cleveland, Cuyahoga Co., Ohio shortly before his death in late 1903.

George Connaroe is likely the son of Darling (ca 1782-ca 1854) & Nancy Codding Conroe (1796-1878) who lived in Chautauqua & Cattaraugus Counties in New York.  While there is no direct proof of the relationship but the circumstantial evidence is compelling:

(1) There is an unidentified male of the same age group as George living in Darlins household in 1830 Census (when compared to 1850 census)
(2) two Conroes are listed in Chautauqua Co. in 1820 census and Darlin was the only one with a child under 10 years old (George would have been about 5)
(3) George W.s given name is consistent with Darlins apparent naming convention for his sons (key political figures).
(4) In 1840 George lived in the same Chautauqua County township as Darlin & Nancy Conroe before they moved to Cattaraugus Co. NY
(5) Georges daughter Angeline was born in Cattaraugus County (1837)
(6) Angeline's obituary (1912) lists Conroe attendees from Falconer NY where some of Darlin's known descendants were living
(7) Georges children were split in the use of Conroe / Connaroe (son William moved to Chautauqua County and consistently used Conroe spelling)

Darling Conaroe

Darling & Nancy Codding Conroe's children were:

George W. (ca 1815-1875): see above

Charles (ca 1818-1879) married Mary Ann Rolfe (   -1844) and moved to Michigan and had one child (Hamilton) before her death in 1844.  Charles them married Maria M. in 1845 and they had two children (George & Mary E.).  Charles was a Brick & Stone Mason and a Civil War Veteran (1st Michigan Calvary).  After the Civil War, Charles returned to Chautauqua County where he died in 1879 and is buried in the Forestville Pioneer Cemetery, Forestville, Chautauqua Co., New York. 

Alexander Hamilton (ca 1818-1867)  married Angeline Eliza Ross (1830-1900) and had eight children (Almira, Adeline, Charles H., Marcia E., Eda May, Mary Ann, Robert Amos, Glenn).  Alexander remained in Cattaraugus Co., New York where he farmed to land.  Angeline died in 1900 and is buried in Pine Hill Cemetery, Chautauqua Co., New York.

 Sarah Ann (ca 1826-   ) married Carlton Rathburn (ca 1816-   ) and lived in Hanover, Chautauqua Co., New York (Carpenter & Joiner) before moving to Illinois (Bartender & Gardner).  They had six known children (Wescott, Tyrphena, Henry, Ella, Earnest E., Winfield).

Liscomb Carter (ca 1830-1907) married Sarah Smith (1839-1874).  They moved to Camanche, Clinton Co., Iowa where Liscomb was a farmer (later a Brick Mason).  Liscomb & Sarah Conroe had nine known children (Mary Susan, James Martin, Saram A., Fannie E., Ida Mae, Maria Nancy, Harriet Violet, Andrew Johnson, & George M).  Both Liscomb and Sarah are buried in Rose Hill Cemetery in Camanche, Iowa.

Nancy (ca 1832-   ) married Clark Ranney (ca 1818-   ) and had nine known children (Norman, Loren I., Carrie, Jennie G., Eva M., Charles G., Ada D., Nellie, Quincy W. & Loren I.)  They remained in Chautauqua County, New York where they farmed the land.

Andrew Jackson (ca 1834-1876) appears to have also gone by his middle name, Jackson.  As a young adult he moved to McHenry Co., Illinois where he was a mason.  At the age of 27, he enlisted in 36th Illinois Volunteer Infantry Regiment where he rose to the rank of Corporal.  Corporal Conroe was wounded twice during the Civil War.  The first time during action at Pea Ridge, Arkansas on 8 Mar 1862 and later at the battle of Franklin, Tennessee on 30 Nov 1864. The first wound being of the left shoulder, the second of under jaw.  These wounds would plaque Andrew until his young death at the young age of 42.  After the war, Andrew moved to Iowa where he married Celia A. Titus (1848-1901) and had four children (Charles Albert, Mariette, James Martin, & Elbridge).   Andrew Jackson Conroe died in 1876 and buried at Rose Hill Cemetery in Camanche, Clinton Co., Iowa.  Celica was only 28 when she was left a widow with four young children.  Celia Conroe worked as a servant / house keeper in Camanche ahd died in 1901 at the age of 52. 

Mary (ca 1836- ): nothing is known

James M. (1842-1927) enlisted in the 49th New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment and served one and half years during the Civil War before being injured at White House Landing, Virginia and subsequently being discharged.  He was injured when a "barrel" fell on his chest & stomach. James married Rosilla Scott Foote (1843-1905) in 1865.  Rosilla Scott had previously been married to Warham Foote Jr who died during the Civil War of Typhoid Fever.  He was serving with the 112th New York Volunteer Regiment. James & Rosilla Conroe farmed in Chautauqua County, New York and had  a daughter Bredeia R. Conroe.  Rosilla died in 1905 and James in 1927.  Both are buried at Forest Hill Cemetery in Fredonia, Chautauqua Co., New York.



Mrs. G.W. Conroe Recipes, First M.E. Church Cook Book (1885)

Obituary Mrs. Eliza Conro, Erie Dispatch, Erie, Erie Co. PA, 17 Apr 1897


Connaroe listing in 1867/68 Erie Directory
1867/68 Erie City Directory

1870 Map with 285 W8th St, Erie PA
285 W 8th St (center)
1870 Erie Map Enlargement