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John Bradfield Photo

John Bradfield

(Historical & Pictorial Barnesville)

Mrs John Bradfield Photo Mrs. John Bradfield

(Historical & Pictorial Barnesville)

Thomas Shankland Photo
Mr. Thomas Shankland

(Historical & Pictorial Barnesville)


Joseph B. Bradfield was born in 1777 and lived in Knavesboro, England.  Joseph arrived in Baltimore Maryland on 18 Jun 1827 along with his wife Isabella, children Joseph, John, Sarah, Elizabeth and Mary.  Shortly after arriving they met agents of James Barnes and were convinced to to move to Barnesville.  The Bradfield family followed the National turnpike out to Ohio in an old fashioned " carry-all."  They built a stone house and settled to farming on their farm on the road between Barnesville and Hendrysburg, Ohio.  After Isabella died and the children were married, Joseph sold the farm to his son John and returned to England.  Joseph returned to Barnesville after only a year with his new bride, Mrs. Susan Copeland Bradfield.  He bought a farm on Sandy Ridge where he lived until is death in 1866.

Two other and unknown Bradfields appear to have immigrated at the same time as Joseph, Isabelle and their family: James (born ca 1777) and Samuel (born ca 1783).

The attached biographical sketches highlight the lives of three generations of prominent Bradfields in Barnesville, Ohio.


Joseph Bradfield Biographical Sketch - Historical & Pictorial Barnesville (1908)

John Bradfield Biographical Sketch - Centennial Belmont Co. Ohio (1903)

History of the Bradfield Store, Centennial Souvenir Booklet (1908)