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Eli Ashley

First Congregational Church, Westfield MA
First Congregational Church
Westfield, MA

Eli Ashley (1773-1818)

Ashley Homestead, Westfield MA
Ashley Homestead
Elm Street, Westfield, Massachusetts
(Trowbridge 1896)

Eli Ashley (Joseph, James, Joseph, David, Robert), born 30 October 1773, in Westfield, Mass.; died 4 January 1818 in Westfield; married 13 December 1802 in West Springfield, Mass., Eunice Ashley, daughter of Lieu. David and Meribah (Gaylord) Ashley, born about 1777 in West Springfield; died 5 January 1853 in Westfield, aged 76 years.

Eli Ashley was engaged in farming in Westfield, Mass., his native place. His house stood on Elm Street and was built by Calvin Noble about one hundred years ago. After Mr. Ashley's death the family continued to reside there, and his youngest son inherited it and began housekeeping there. The old house was torn down five years ago.

Mrs. Ashley united with the First Congregational Church of West Springfield in 1799, and was received into the First Congregational Church of Westfield by letter on May 8. 1803.


i. WILLIAM,b. 26 Jan 1803

ii. JOSIAH DWIGHT, b. 1 Nov 1804

iii.HENRY, b. 29 Dec 1809

Source: Francis Bacon Trowbridge, The Ashley Genealogy, History of the Descendants of Robert Ashley of Springfield, Massachusetts, (Press of Tuttle, Morehouse & Taylor; 1896), page 133.