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St Joseph Cemetery Visit

St Joseph's Cemetery
Conneaut, Ashtabula County, Ohio

St Joseph Cemetery Entrance
St Joseph Cemetery
Conneaut OH

St Joseph Cemetery Location Map

Close-up St Joseph Cemetery Location Map
Source: U.S. Census Bureau, Tiger Map Service

Interactive Online Map - Ashtablua Co. OH Cemeteries

St Joseph Cemetery Building

Latitude:    41.93180° N
Longitude: 80.60383° W

Photos of All Gravemarkers (Jun 2004)
Names transcribed (when possible) and placed in searchable captions.

Specific Plot Photos / Layouts:
Moore, Cousins, Cherry & McLeon Plot

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Surname(s) of Interest: MOORE, COUSINS, CHERRY

Cemetery Visit: Oct 2005 (A.J & W.E. Fred )

This visit and webpage was only intended to document the graves related to our family genealogy that is documented in the FredQuest Genealogy Database.

FindaGrave: Saint Joseph's Cemetery

Selected Transcripts & Photos

Moore, Cousins, Cherry Plot
Moore Plot

Name Gravemarker
Photo Comments
Baker, James Edward 1879 - 1946 James Edward Baker gravemarker husband of Margaret Moore Baker
Baker, John Moore 1914 - 1928 John Moore Baker Gravemarker son of James Edward & Margaret Moore Baker
Baker, Margaret Moore 1879 - 1945 Margaret Moore Baker gravemarker maiden name: Moore

wife of James Edward Baker

daughter of Asa & Mary Sharkey Moore
Bynan, John A.   John A Bynan gravemarker  
Cherry, Bridget E. 1852 - 1987 Bridget Cherry gravemarker  
Cherry, Catharine 1822 - 1907 Chatharine Cherry gravemarker  
Cherry, James Charles 1880 - 1936 James Charles Baker gravemarker  
Cherry, John T. 1874 - 1902 John T. Cherry Gravemarker  
Cherry, Michael J. 1882 - 1898 Michael J Cherry gravemarker  
Cherry, Rose J. 1854 - 1938 Rose J Cherry gravemarker
Cherry, Thomas 1853 - 1924 Thomas Cherry gravemarker
Cherry, Thomas R. 1878 - 1923 Thomas R Cherry gravemarker  
Chrisman, James   James Christman gravemarker  
Cousins Plot
  Cousins Plot Mother gravemarker  
Cousins, Anna P. 1874 - 1950 Anna P Cousins gravemarker  
Cousins, Anna S. 1905 - 1989 Anna S Cousins gravemarker  
Cousins, John P. 1906 - 1931 John P Cousins gravemarker  
Cousins, Mary 9 Mar 1919 Mary Cousins gravemarker  
Cousins, Richard M. 1874 - 1939 Richard M Cousins gravemarker  
Cousins, Robert L. 1903 - 1950 Robert L Cousins gravemarker  
Cousins, William 9 Jan 1915 (?) William Cousins gravemarker  
Foster, Mary Frances 1887 - 1978 Mary Frances Foster gravemarker  
Kelley, Frank   Frank Kelley gravemarker  
Kelley, James   James & Mary Kelley gravemarker  
Kelley, Mary   James & Mary Kelley gravemarker  
McLeod, Katharine H. 1876 - 1910 Katharine H McLeod gravemarker  
Moore, Bridget 1848 - 1916 Bridget Moore gravemarker maiden name: Calahan

wife of John B. Moore
Moore, J.B. 1840 - 1911 John B. Moore gravemarker John B. Moore

husband of Bridget Calahan Moore

son of Asa & Mary Sharkey Moore
Moore, Thomas 1908 - 1940 Thomas Moore gravemarker  
O'Connor, Mary Lucille 1908 - 1940 Mary Lucille O'Connor gravemarker  
O'Connor, Mary M. 1877 - 1941 Mary M O'Connor gravemarker  
O'Connor, Timothy 1879 - 1929 Timothy O'Connor gravemarker  
Reid, Katherine McLeod 1899 - 1989 Katherine McLeod Reid gravemarker  
Riley, Nellie F. 1880 - 1916 Nellie F Riley gravemarker